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Kali – Phase 1 & 2

Phase 1┬ástarts with basic punches, kicks, elbows, knees and blocks. Empty hand drills, Offensive drills, Kicking drills and Joint Locking Flow drills. You will also learn the Single Stick at Largo (long range). Basics strikes, blocks (meeting and following the force), Abiniko, Abecedario, Sumbrada, Disarms and Locks with the stick. Also teaches the 1st empty …

DFA Fighting Systems dvd vol. 2 Tomahawk

All Combatives in this volume, starting with the Angle #2 then Angle #5, Angle #8, Double Strikes (#1 & #2) Knife Attacks against angle #1 and countering the Left Hand punch, finally multiple attacks with Knife and Left & Right Punching attacks (3 punches – right, left, right). 19 Combat Applications in all$9.95 (52 min)

Empty Hand Series

DFA Fighting Systems dvdvol. 1 (Straight Punch)volume 1 – Straight Punch This is the 1st volume of our DVD series teaching our entire system. It is much more comprehensive in drills, techniques and explanations than the Kali Phase series Punching, Blocking & drills for the Straight Punch. Jab, Cross, Sun Fist, and Crushing Fist along with …