How to Convert YouTube Videos to MP3 Files

In this tutorial, I will show you how to convert our YouTube videos to audio files.

Do you enjoy watching our YouTube videos? What if you only had the ability to listen to audio offline. Some websites, software and browser extensions can cut audio from any YouTube video and convert YouTube to MP3 file, which can then be saved to your computer or mobile device.

Before moving on to the actual process, you should find out if this type of conversion and loading is legal? It all depends on the video. You can certainly convert and download your own personal YouTube videos as well as public and non-copyrighted videos, but you cannot legally convert and download copyrighted videos without their owner’s permission.

YouTube Music

Here’s one option if you just want to listen to music and don’t need an MP3 file. YouTube offers its own app for listening to your favorite music. With YouTube Music for iOS or Android, you can search and listen to music from different artists, albums and genres. You cannot download songs in the free version, but it can be done in the Premium Edition.

In the app, you can select specific artists you like and it will display a list of recommended channels. The app will keep track of the music and channels you access so you can easily return to them. You can also create your own library of your favorite music.

The basic version of YouTube Music is free. YouTube Music Premium is a paid option that removes ads, can play music in the background while using your device, and lets you download music and playlists for offline listening. You can try YouTube Music Premium for free for one month. To proceed, you’ll have to shell out $ 9.99 per month for Android or $ 12.99 per month for iOS. Yes, Apple charges a 30 percent additional subscription fee, but you can avoid the additional fee by signing up online for $ 9.99 and accessing your account on your iPhone or iPad.


convert 2 online is a website where you can copy and paste the URL of a YouTube video to convert it to an MP3 file. Just add a link, click on the Download button and the process will begin.

You can then listen to the file on your computer using your favorite music player and / or copy it to your mobile device. It may take a while to download the file as the conversion is done in real time second by second, but the results are worth the wait.


GenYouTube is another user-friendly website that allows you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 files, as well as other audio and video formats. Copy and paste the YouTube video link into the search box. A matching video will be found and playback will start. Then select the audio file format like MP3 or M4A. Download the resulting file, and then you can play it on a PC or transfer to a mobile device.

enYouTube has a couple of other features. If you are watching a YouTube video, just add the word “gen” to the very beginning of the link, for example,, and you will be immediately redirected to the GenYouTube site where you can download the video … You can also install extensions for browsers like Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

4K Video Downloader

This conversion software can be installed on Windows PC or Mac. The basic version of 4K Video Downloader is free. If you want to get rid of ads, download YouTube playlists and channels, and receive future software updates, you should buy the premium version for $15.

4K Video Downloader

With 4K Video Downloader, you can convert and download YouTube videos as video or audio files. For audio files, you can choose between MP3, M4A and OGG formats, as well as original quality, high quality, medium quality, or low quality. To use the software, open YouTube and copy the video url. Navigate to 4K Video Downloader and click on the Paste Link button. Then select the format and quality, and the location where you want to save the file. Click on the “Extract” button.